It’s simple. Our team strives to nurture and encourage a childhood rich in fun, exploration, growth, discovery, and warmth.


“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”






This program provides a warm, cozy environment for infants to one-year-olds. The ratio is four babies to one teacher. At this age, we create a schedule focused on your baby’s needs. As children get older, we work with parents to begin honing in on a schedule that provides a good balance of stimulation, nutrition, and sleep. We use the Tadpole app to communicate your baby’s daily activity and any milestones developed to keep you always in the loop. 

Doodlebugs & Whirligigs 

This program has two classrooms to provide enough space for one to two year old children to navigate safely with their new-found energy and wobbly bodies. The ratio is four children to one teacher. Their day is filled with exploration (both inside and outside), story time, arts and crafts, and playing with sensory materials. In addition, language building is key in this program and is incorporated throughout the entire day. Nap time is incorporated midday, and meals (breakfast and lunch) and snacks fuel their energy in-between all of the fun.


This program is hosted in a wide-open space for active two to three year old toddlers. The ratio is four toddlers to one teacher. The children begin to have more self-motivated exploration and spend time in learning centers throughout the morning. The curriculum is built around fun and creative themes that include art, sensory, and large and fine motor skills. We also introduce a short and sweet “circle time” in this program to stimulate a quiet and focused learning time. Nap time is incorporated midday and meals (breakfast and lunch) and snacks fuel their energy in-between all of the fun.


This program is a hustling and bustling environment for children three to four years old. The ratio is ten children to one teacher. The creative and playful curriculum lays the foundation for the pre-kindergarten program. We cover large and fine motor skills, art, and initial reading and writing. The children are encouraged to keep their imaginations fresh as we mix in tons of fun and exploration! 

Butterflies & Bumblebees 

This program has two classrooms for children four to five years old. The ratio is 10 children to one teacher. We have curriculum that includes both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. We ensure the children are learning about health and nutrition, self-care and emotional and social appropriateness. They dive into language building and start to refine their writing skills. The curriculum is designed to keep children engaged through play which will establish a love of learning and success in primary school.


This program is our school-age program. We strive to keep the children safe, engaged, and kind to one another before and after school. Before school, children are offered breakfast and play until the bus arrives. Each day after school, we read for 15 minutes while having a snack. It is a time to wind down after a busy (and sometimes chaotic) day at school.  We then transition to free-play or centers while waiting for parent pick up.

*In the summers, we also offer a fun and learning-filled summer program for school aged children. We keep the children entertained with field trips, themed programming and tons of indoor and outdoor activities. If you’re interested in learning more about our summer program, let’s chat. 





If you ask what sets our schools apart, it would be our team. We choose our team members for their natural passion and love for children. Once selected the person goes through three different background checks and state fingerprinting. Throughout their time with us there is ongoing professional development that includes CPR, first aide, and they also take courses to sharpen their skills for the age groups they specifically work with. They are creative, fun, hard working and educated! You just can’t beat them.




Kiddie U Childcare and Preschool launched in 2000 as a small center in Kalamazoo, MI with a passion for raising up kind and brilliant children. In 2005, we moved to Mattawan, MI and are incredibly thankful for a community that has warmly embraced us ever since! In 2016, we expanded our campus by adding Kiddie U two, a school age center.


Kiddie U

With a convenient location just off of Red Arrow Highway in Mattawan, this location is bustling with infant through middle school age children. This main campus hosts 7 classrooms and a large playground bubbling with laughter.


Kiddie U two

Situated behind Mancino’s Pizza on Main Street in Mattawan, this new addition is focused on school-age children. This campus is one large room with plenty of space for school age children to get the wiggles out.