The Caterpillar program is full of movement! Three year olds are on the cusp of independancy that we nurture with patience. Giving realistic boundries for a child to gain self confidence in caring for themselves, others and the world around them. There is a three year old curriculum that prepares the children for the Pre K room that includes letters, numbers and much more!


The teachers in the program learn to grow and grow to learn with the children. One day they are doing it themselves and the next they want it done for them, sound familiar? Instead of shying away from their ever changing personalities we embrace them!


We strongly believe that this age learns best when the curriculum is engaging and fun and, sometimes, messy! We appreciate the children’s willingness at this age to be bold in trying new things and experience learning with all five senses.


This is the age when children begin to form friendships. Instead of playing side by side they play with one another. Helping them naviagate being a good friend while setting up boundries in personal space is key in emotional and social growth.