Doodlebug & Whirligig

Songs, books and play! This age is so fun! The teachers in the program get to see monumental milestones come to fruition. Each child’s personality is shining through. Communication is beginning to explode and the schedule in this program allows for fun activities daily to promote just that. The children are using their imagination in a variety of play and we embrace it by offering open ended activities in art and sensory.


These ever changing bodies need all the cuddles. Going from baby to wobbler has many changes. The teachers in these specific programs are patient and loving.


Maintaining a consistent schedule throughout the day brings comfort to your child. The day begins with breakfast, a good morning snack, some time in the great outdoors, learning centers and then lunch. The active day creates a perfect scenario for a long cozy nap (12:30 to 2:30).


Not only is communication important between caregiver and parent but also between caregiver and teacher. Your child’s primary provider will bond with your child and give them the time and tenderness throughout the day that will make sure he/she feels safe and loved. A child that feels loved, learns!