The name reflects the age! The children seem to “jitter” around from one thing to another. Their milestones are clearing seen being met around every corner. They grow from toddlers, in our eyes, to young children ready to take on the world. The room often includes potty training (please request a potty packet if this is your child). The physical changes are as noticeable as the learning growth; it is fun for the teachers in this program to be a part of such a special time.


They just need love! Being two is always as fun as it looks and the love we experience with the children far out weighs the fun learning in the program. Navigating on a day to day basis what your child needs take a special teacher that has enough love for all of them all of the time.


The curriculum includes the five senses and is engaging play! They learn about the world around them through touching, smelling, tasting and seeing all the world has to offer. They work in small and large groups and are starting to follow directions without getting lost in the moment (remember I said “starting”).


Our teachers “lead” by example, we clean together, play together, and show, not tell them “what’s next” or “how” and we always answer “why”. We lead by kindness and emphasis compassion through stories and role play.