We understand the first drop off, we understand the delicate gift you have given us and we understand that caring for your child in the best way possible is caring for the parents as well. We communicate with you at drop off and pick up and throughout the day with our Tadpole Application. Babies are provided care as needed but as educated professionals we will work with you on a daily basis to create that perfect schedule that enable your child to meet milestones.


Your child’s provider will begin bonding with your baby on day one! Snuggling him/her throughout the day is part of the teams greatest joy. Bonding time also includes hearing, smelling and seeing that familiar person; which is why we do our best lining the teacher’s schedules with your child’s schedule.


In order to give your baby the best possible start in their new world we pride ourselves on balance. Balance to us means giving your child tummy time, cuddle time, exploration time, music time, and much much more. As your infant gets older their will even be self soothing time. As educated professionals we always put what is best for your babies growth at the forefront.


Beyond the care we give directly to your baby is what we do behind the scenes that is important as well. Making sure the environment he/she grows in is clean and sanitized; we clean as needed not just the end of the day. We also make sure that the equipment and toys are age appropriate and in excellent condition. Beyond that the teachers in the program are focused on your child’s needs and ensuring he/she is meeting milestones.